Lane Splitting Tips for Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas and Beyond

If you are familiar with riding a motorcycle, you are probably familiar with the concept of lane splitting. Lane splitting is when motorcycles ride between lanes on a road or highway in order to pass between cars. Lane splitting may be done in order to pass slower traffic, or it might be done to get to the front of stopped traffic at a stoplight.

In most states, including Nevada, lane splitting by motorcycles is not permitted, but California allows it in certain instances. Although lane splitting can be useful for motorcycle riders, it can also be dangerous if it is not employed appropriately. It’s important to become familiar with the rules regarding lane splitting so that you can use it in a manner that is safe and legal the next time you are riding on the road in California:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings: It’s always a good idea to drive defensively, and it’s especially important if you are going to be lane splitting. Make sure you are paying attention to all of your surroundings, including the vehicles that are on the road and the potential hazards around you. You should also pay attention to the width of the lanes that you are considering splitting. You should not attempt lane splitting if the lanes are narrow. You should also avoid lane splitting in difficult weather conditions and in areas with low visibility.
  • Remain at a safe speed: You shouldn’t split lanes if you are driving over 30 miles per hour, and you should never attempt a lane split at more than 10 miles per hour over the speed of the vehicles that you are passing. Going faster can prevent you from being alert or responding to traffic safely.
  • Consider your lane placement: If you are on a road or highway with more than two lanes, it is best to reserve lane splitting for the lanes that are furthest to the left. In most cases, traffic will be more aware of lane splitting that happens in the faster lanes, since this is the most common place for lane splitting.
  • Use good judgment: As a general rule, if you don’t feel like you can split lanes in a way that is safe and legal, you shouldn’t do it. It’s much better to go slower for a little while than to end up involved in an accident or collision as a result of unsafe lane splitting. Make sure you employ your best judgment any time you are splitting lanes.

The next time you’re in California, make sure you are careful about lane splitting. For more information about staying safe on the road during motorcycle tours in Las Vegas, you can talk to the experts at Escape Eagles. We are a family owned and operated rental and tour company that allows you to hit the road on the back of some of the best motorcycles around. We understand how important safety is while you’re riding a motorcycle, which is why we ensure that you are completely prepared to hit the road with all of the safety gear and information you need. Contact us today to make your reservation!

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