Is Harley-Davidson the Best Choice for Motorbike Rental in Las Vegas?

You’ve planned your big trip, mapped out all of the must-see sights on the Strip, set aside time for some scenic drives through the desert and now all that’s left to do is choose the motorcycle that you will be renting. It seems simple enough, until you realize just how many options there are out there.

If you are only familiar with one motorcycle brand, it’s probably Harley-Davidson. The Harley brand is iconic among both full-fledged motorcycle enthusiasts and people who have never been on a bike—but is this really the only good option when it comes to motorbike rental in Las Vegas? While Harley-Davidson certainly does know how to make a great bike, there are some other brands that offer a quality ride, too:

  • Harley-Davidson: When it comes to name recognition and overall sales, Harley-Davidson has an incredible level of popularity among consumers. With its humble beginnings in a small shed in 1903, Harley-Davidson has been and continues to be an all-American brand that has been putting out some of the most powerful and reliable bikes on the market for years.
  • Honda: Japanese brands of vehicles, including motorcycles, are notorious for their outstanding reliability, and Honda is no different. Nearly 90 percent of Honda motorcycle owners report being satisfied with the purchase after the first four years of ownership. Honda offers a diverse array of motorcycles with different body styles and many, like the Honda Goldwing, are decked out with all sorts of special features, including lockable saddlebags, a passenger backrest, a radio, cruise control and even an intercom system.
  • Suzuki: Another solid Japanese brand, Suzuki offers sport-style motorbikes that are geared towards the performance-driven rider. In fact, the Suzuki brand has long been a prominent name in motocross and racing; the brand even has its own factory-backed team that participates in the MotoGP World Championship.
  • Victory: The Victory brand, like Harley Davidson, is an American motorcycle manufacturer. They are headquartered in Minnesota and have a factory in northwestern Iowa. While they don’t have the same longstanding history that Harley-Davidson has, these beautiful bikes rate highly when it comes to owner satisfaction.
  • Yamaha: This motorcycle manufacturer creates what are by far some of the most reliable bikes on the road. Like Honda and Suzuki, Yamaha is a Japanese manufacturer with impressive satisfaction ratings among its consumers. Similar to Suzuki, the Yamaha line of motorcycles is geared towards sport riders.

No matter what your preferred brand, model or riding style may be, at Escape Eagles we have the perfect rental for you. We offer a wide selection of bikes, including Harleys and Hondas, that you can rent for a few hours or even days at a time. If you want an all-inclusive biking experience, talk to us about our self-guided tours; we can even help you with maps and hotel reservations along your route. If you have any questions about motorbike rental in Las Vegas or you want to find out more about our self-guided motorcycle tours, our team is just a phone call away.

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