Eight Reasons Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas Trump Spending the Day in a Casino

When you think of Las Vegas, what do you think of? If you’re like most people, you think of slot machines, blackjack tables, high-priced hotels, alluring live shows, seedy nightclubs and just about every other Hollywood stereotype about Vegas that you may have seen in a movie. The fact of the matter is that Las Vegas is so much more than just the inside of a casino and the ebb and flow of cash that’s being exchanged there.

In fact, one of the best things about Vegas and its surrounding areas is the scenery: the natural landscapes and features that are completely unique to the American Southwest. Nowhere else in the country will you be able to drive for miles and miles with alluring views of the vista all around you! In fact, that’s part of the reason motorcycle tours in Las Vegas are so very popular to those who know about them.

Never been on a motorcycle tour in Las Vegas? Take a look at eight reasons you should take a break from the slot machines and blackjack tables to spend a day or two on the open road:

  1. When you’re out on the open road, you’re going to be getting the fresh air and uplifting sunlight you need, rather than the pumped-in air and lackluster lighting that casino interiors provide for you.
  2. For the money, there’s no beating the experience that motorcycle tours in Las Vegas provide, as compared to time spent in a casino. You’re paying for an experience, not paying to gamble!
  3. Want a keepsake from your time spent in Vegas? Snap a picture of the gorgeous scenery or pick up a trinket while you’re out on the road! Unless you’re a big winner at the blackjack table, you’re not going to be bringing much home in the way of keepsakes if you spend all of your time in a casino.
  4. Between the noises, the constant chatter, the stuffy atmosphere and the lighting in casinos, it’s easy to get a headache that comes on quick and lasts for days. When you’re out on the open road breathing deeply and feeling calm, headaches don’t stand a chance!
  5. Motorcycle tours are absolutely a group activity and whether you’re going with friends or riding with strangers, you’re sure to have good times in good company. Try having a good time chatting with your slot machine or having a real bonding experience as a blackjack dealer takes your last couple of chips…
  6. If you’re interested in vacationing for the learning aspect or for a meaningful experience, you’re certainly not going to find it in a casino. Experience the history and uniqueness of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas and appeal to your inner intellectual—we’re certain you’ll leave with a bevy of knowledge!
  7. There’s something so freeing about the open road and when you can chug on for miles and miles without having to answer to anyone, it can be a cathartic experience. The only moment of clarity you’re likely to have in a casino will come at that crystalizing moment when you realize you’re playing a losing game.
  8. Finally, a motorcycle tour is something anyone can enjoy! Whether you’re old or young, rich or poor, reserved or outgoing, time spent on a motorcycle is time you’re certain to appreciate. Rather than shun you as a casino might, Escape Eagles welcomes you!

If you’re saving your hard earned dollars and are headed to Vegas on the trip of a lifetime, think about where you want to put your money. Would you rather feed it slowly into a slot machine, watch it slowly shrink away at a blackjack table or would you rather stick it in a bike and see how far it goes?

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