Experience the Valley of Fire Through Harley Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas

There’s just something about the American Southwest that needs to be seen to be believed. To those who have never hit the open roads of the desert or felt the hot sun and scorching heat on their skin as they put road between themselves and civilization, a place like the Valley of Fire might just be another creatively named tract of desert. But for those who have ridden through this area on the rumbling seat of a bike as part of motorcycle tours in Las Vegas, NV, the Valley of Fire is a sight to behold like no other!

Valley of Fire State Park is considered to be the oldest state park in Nevada, earning its right as a national landmark in 1968. With more than 42,000 acres of sprawling rock formations, scorched earth, cacti and rising cliff peaks, this is unforgiving land and more than a few people have ridden through the park looking only to find the other side as quickly as possible.

But those who drive through in covered cars or inside of a tour bus don’t get to see what those people on motorcycle tours in Las Vegas, NV get to see. The land is more than just barren and desolate with ugly rocks and stationary horizons—it’s a dried up sea from centuries long past, with as many unique rock formations as unseen critters and serene imagery that looks like something out of a photographer’s portfolio at every turn!

To truly experience the Valley of Fire, a person can only take one route: the Escape Eagles motorcycle tour through the park:

  • We ride I15 North to Exit 75, where the true call of the Valley of Fire begins.
  • As you ride through the Valley, you’ll take in its picturesque sights from all angles, coasting through on the back of a free and open bike that gives you the power to truly experience the atmosphere around you.
  • Taking US 169 to Northshore Road, we’ll exit the Valley and make our way towards Lake Mead, to cap off our round trip event with yet another great set of sights that’s only truly experienced on the back of a motorcycle.
  • Exiting on US 147 West, we’ll sail through Lake Mead on the way back to our destination, creating a perfect loop and encompassing some of the most amazing sights in the Southwest.

Whether you’ve lived in Nevada all your life and just haven’t made time to see the oldest park our state has to offer yet or you’re in town on vacation and want to make a memory that’s sure to last a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with a motorcycle tour through the Valley of Fire!

Get in touch with Escape Eagles today to get more information about the specifics of our day trip through the Valley of Fire and Lake Mead, or speak to one of our representatives about charting your own course through the Valley of Fire today!

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